Check out Dr Bob’s new initiative Your Vitality Project and catch the free replay of his interview from last year on Thursday January 16th, 2020.

Vitality Project is more than finding sobriety… SUBSTANTIALLY MORE! We are NOT a quick 30 or 60 day cure, and NOT your average addiction meeting, group, or online site.

We believe that recovery should be a positive, life-altering commitment. A commitment to live free, be alive, create, and embrace passions; living life to thrive, not simply survive.

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Dr Bob Weathers

Integral Recovery, Shame and Forgiveness

Bob was a self-described “goody two-shoes” whose addictive behaviors got out of control in his forties and he lost everything. 

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Known to his clients and students as simply “Dr. Bob,” he has committed the past 40 years of his professional life to providing counseling and coaching to clients from around the world, along with teaching and training graduate-level mental health providers at several southern California universities. His life now is dedicated to recovery, mindfulness, deep forgiveness practices and Living Amends.