We are delighted to feature Father Joe again for the 2023 summit. Watch these clips from the interview and watch the full interview during the Summit January 13 to 22nd.

In this interview from the January 2020 Summit, Father Joe speaks of his early work with HIV/AIDS, Mother Teresa, and supporting recovery through redirecting the drivers of addiction to a healthy connection with our spiritual drive. Be inspired by his decades of practice and deep knowing that infuse his service.

Fr. Joe Pereira

Founder, Kripa Foundation

Roman Catholic Priest, Social Worker, Yogi

Devoted to the care, support and rehabilitation of those affected by Chemical Dependency and HIV & AIDS. Worked with Mother Theresa and co-authored “The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction“.

Addicts and alcoholics are often highly spiritualized individuals who lack the faith apparatus to make a healthy connection with their spiritual drive. As such, they turn to negative behavior patterns to fulfill that hunger: alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, pornography, social media, and dysfunctional relationships.

Since its inception in 1981 in Bombay, the Kripa Foundation has grown exponentially and forms a vital links to providing social stability in eleven Indian states through various multifunction facilities and also has association in other international locations in Europe, Canada and the USA.

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