Kiloby Center New Methods for Recovery

Scott Kiloby with Danna and Dan McLintock

This is a touching story about a mother and her son who have been working to heal shame, intergenerational trauma and authentically connect within and with each other. 

Scott Kiloby speaks about the new method of recovery developing at the Kiloby Center.

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Foundation: mindfulness, nondual awareness and inquiry. 

Focus: drivers of addiction, not behavior.

Living Inquiries: opens up different facets of our consciousness that were previously hidden

Shame Avoidance: connected with addictive behavior and what you don’t want to expose

External Pressure: we all do this to each other, society’s expectations, for example to get good grades. Children experience powerlessness and believe there is something wrong with them.

Addiction is Not About Morality           External Pressure Increases Addiction

Life Breaks Out: Mother and Son