Daniela Hess Grant and Christopher Grant share their personal stories of addiction, recovery, and how this has informed their thriving online yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong Teacher Training programs.

Yoga Farm Ithaca is a nonprofit center for connection, healing, & education.

Their curriculum cultivates vibrant physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity, healing the root causes of suffering, and returning individuals to the stunning recognition of their own worthiness, magnificence, and the purity of their own goodness.

Individuals that regularly feel the rapture of being alive, and who flourish in purpose and meaning, become powerful and compassionate contributors to society.

Daniela specializes in leading transformational coursework in Inquiry, Awareness, Spirituality, Meditation, Healing, and Forgiveness practices.

Daniela co-founded Yoga Farm Ithaca and works with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate inner growth and transformation as access to the intimacy of one’s personal Spiritual life.

To manage the discomfort of suffering, people turn to habits, addictions, and patterned ways of being in order to change the way they are feeling in the short term. Over time, these coping methods will cost you something – often in the quality of our connections in our relationships, and increased anxiety and constant tension. It becomes unbearable eventually to feel so trapped and disconnected from Joy.

Christopher Grant is a Cornell Engineering Grad and Certified Instructor of Yoga, Meditation & QiGong. He specializes in practices and tools to cultivate and maintain excellent health in body, mind and spirit.

He works with individuals, workgroups and professionals to develop and sustain specific strategies to live a life full of connection, joy, and success in all areas of life – personal, spiritual and professional.

His background as a 20 year veteran of several startups in the Internet software services sector, combined with 20 years of study of the science of yoga & meditation give him a unique capability to serve.